Anonymous City Servers does NOT and will never collect or sell/trade your personal information. Our website is setup without a login or a forum for the very reason, you do not need ot log anything in here. We simply provide this website to get information out about game servers and services Anonymous City Servers provides.

FAQ: "But doesn't your ACS auto store use a Steam Login?" ANSWER: "Yes Anonymous City Servers does use Steam login for our auto store only, however none of the login is handled on our servers, steam bootstrap login is open source and available to everyone, it simply redirects you to Steam and they auth you not Anonymous City Servers. Upon Steam login granting you auth it will redirect you back to our store page where you can carry out your business.

FAQ: "Well doesn't your auto store keep up with who bought what?" ANSWER: "Yes we have a sql database setup dedicated to keeping track of customer purchase. In that data we only collect what steam id purchased which package for what price and when. We do not store any personal data or sell/trade any of that with anyone, it's simply to make sure customers get the items they purchase in a timely manner."

FAQ: "Does Steam share any personal data with you when i login?" ANSWER: "Other than your steam id being verified to belong to who is trying to login is the only thing steam redirects does for the end user (Anonymous City Servers) , it's best to let Steam keep up with all of that all, we only need users to login validated." Link to the Official Steam Privacy Policy Here:

FAQ: "Who does this apply to?" ANSWER: "This privacy Policy and the Anonymous City Servers Terms Of Service policy apply to every person using our Gaming and Web services for any and every reason."