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ACS has provided top quality gaming server for players like YOU since 2012

Custom Rust Plugins

ACS has always stood out from the others. We run custom plugins no other servers have and we maintain our own software and plugins

Dedicated Enterprise Grade Servers

The ACS gaming servers are no joke. Hosted on professional grade enterprise rack servers with DDOS mitigation and protection. We are simply the server host who stays online year after year after year.

Non Toxic Community

We have perfected the admin roles of Rust so that we do not have any admin abuse. Our staff is not allowed to base/raid or play on the ACS Rust servers. We use proprietary software to be able to fully monitor the server remotely. Meaning we only step in and get involved when there is a issue.

Streamline Coding

Retired from Microsoft in 2016 the ACS founder and main developer is well known in the industry. Thousands of hours have been spent to ensure the highest quality of game play for you. And to this day we are active and willing to do more.

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The immense team of individuals keeping this community afloat!